Tips for Making Sweet Potato Baby Food

Sweet potatoes are renowned for making excellent food for all kids, and for a number of reasons. One of the greatest reasons why they are popular is because babies love their taste and texture, making them easy to feed. Sweet potatoes are cheap, rich in beta carotene and are also available year round, but more so in the fall. Follow these steps for making sweet potato baby food at home and watch how much your little one enjoys them.

Sweet Potato PureePeeling And Dicing

Select sweet potatoes at your grocer that are smooth skinned and without cracks in the skin. Bear in mind the freshest fruits and vegetables are the best choice for a baby. Once you get your sweet potatoes home, rinse them well and use a vegetable peeler for removing the outer skin. Using a paring knife is acceptable, but peeling sweet potatoes is harder using a traditional paring knife. Once peeled, dice the potatoes into one inch squares and give them a final rinse.

Steaming To Soften

You might choose boiling your baby’s potatoes, but doing so does deplete vitamin content. Using a baby food maker that has a steaming option is the best way to retain the highest level of nutritional content in any fruit or vegetable. The Baby Brezza Steamer is a top ranked model that is highly recommended. Once you have your potatoes steamed and softened, put them into a blender for pureeing. You should know that most baby food makers also offer pureeing and chopping features as well. Once your sweet potatoes are pureed and have the desired consistency, empty them into a sealed container.

Recipes For Your Baby Using Pureed Sweet Potatoes

Avoid adding sugars to the foods you feed your baby. One great thing about sweet potatoes is they are naturally sweet, so adding sugar of any kind is not necessary. However, you might think about the many other fruits and vegetables you can add to sweet potatoes for adding variety to your baby’s palate while also providing an array of vitamins and minerals:

  • Applesauce with a dash of cinnamon goes great with sweet potatoes.
  • Peaches add additional vitamin C.
  • Green beans can be added to sweet potatoes for a different flavor.
  • Pureed beef or chicken is an excellent way to add protein.

Freezer Storage

One sweet potato when cooked and pureed makes up to around five ounces. Considering this amount, it would make sense to store as much as possible for saving a lot of money and always having a food choice on hand your baby loves. Store unseasoned sweet potato puree in small sealed containers and date them before putting them into the freezer.

Before you start feeding your baby new foods, talking to your pediatrician is important. This is especially true about babies that have allergies to foods. Making the right choices about your baby’s diet is vital for providing the best and healthiest start in life. Choosing to make your own baby food is certainly a step in the right direction. Avoiding the processed foods you get from the supermarket is wise and can help to limit the number of additives and preservatives your baby ingests in his or her early years.

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