Tree Stand Hunting Tips & Tricks for a Successful Hunt

Being the hunter that comes home with a kill every time is the hunter with skill and expertise. Many people assume successful hunters have been out hunting for many seasons to become good at it. While years of experience does count, you should know there are some basic tips you can follow that will help you easily bag your targets. Follow these tree stand hunting tips & tricks for a successful hunt.

tips for hunting from a climbing tree standMasking Your Scent

Even though you may be high up in the trees in a tree stand while hunting, you should still take care to mask your human scent. Deer and other animals have a keen sense of smell, meaning you could give your presence away even while sitting still in the treetops. Always wash with unscented soap before you leave to go hunting and use a scent masking product. Be sure to also spray your gear with scent masking as well.

Getting Out Of The Wind

Using a tree stand blind is important for more than just blocking you from the wind. Camouflaged blinds can also provide you with the concealment necessary to hide from the sharp eyes of deer. One slight movement while in a tree stand in the open could spook a deer, thus causing the herd in that area to make a run for it as well. Using a blind while in a stand can allow you to remain hidden and safe from cold winds.

Focus On Tactics For Being Stealthy

Going into the woods should be as important to you as climbing up a tree and assembling your tree stand when it comes to being quiet. Avoid wearing loose clothing that can snag on briars or tree limbs and be sure to always secure your gear before going in the woods. Choosing a tree stand with sound deadening features such as the Summit Goliath climbing stand, can also help you avoid metal echoes while in the trees as well.

Packing Snacks And Beverages In Quiet Containers

One way to frighten a deer off is by opening a pack of cheese crackers while sitting in your tree stand. Packing snacks in folded paper towels or napkins is best to avoid making crumpling sounds with plastic wrappers. One way to avoid having to deal with too many snacks while in your tree stand is to eat a good meal before going into the woods. If you enjoy soda, remember the hissing sound fresh bottles of it make upon opening them. Taking along bottles of water or juice is best. You might also consider packing coffee into thermos for helping you stay alert and warmer.

Tree Stand Maintenance Is Important To Remember

Taking the time to inspect your tree stand before putting it in a tree is extremely important. This is especially true about the safety harnesses that generally come with your purchase of a tree stand. Over time, the material used to make harnesses may become worn, so making sure your straps and harnesses are in good shape is important. The best way to frighten a whole acre full of deer is by falling out of your stand, not to mention the serious or even fatal injuries you could sustain.

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