What are the Best Cooking Supplies for Camping?

Cooking can be a lot of fun and easy when you go camping, but if you are not prepared for cooking outdoors, it can also be a challenge that could leave you hungry and ready to get back to the civilized world in a hurry. This is especially true for primitive camping when a grill may not be available. Learning more about the best cooking supplies for camping is important for helping you get the most enjoyment out of your next trip into the wilderness.

The Romance Of Cooking Over An Open Fire

Cooking with Cast Iron Skillet while CampingThe spit over an open fire with a rabbit roasting on it you may have seen in the movies is not exactly what you will encounter while on a camping trip. The movies have helped to make cooking over an open fire in the middle of the forest more romantic and alluring.

However, cooking with the campfire is possible and easy when you have cookware suitable for it, especially if you are cooking fish you caught on it. Many camping supply retailers sell good cookware made of cast -iron that can be used on many camping trips for years to come. In most sets, you will get a small sauce pan, a Dutch oven, a skillet and in some sets, a frame for placing over the fire for setting your pots and pans on.

Always remember to purchase a lid holder and tongs specially designed for removing hot cast iron cookware from the fire.

Planning Ahead Makes A Difference

Taking the time to plan ahead for your camping trip is especially beneficial when it comes to cooking supplies. Consider the kinds of food easiest to keep fresh and how to keep foods like meat and dairy products cold. While taking along a cooler is a good idea, you might think about the camping areas that do not offer easy access to ice for your cooler. Packing along foods like canned meats, jerky and products like potato chips and nuts is a good idea, especially if you are planning to fish or hunt while camping. You may not get lucky and catch any dinner, so making sure you have food you can prepare is important.

Fresh Brewed Coffee In The Wilderness

Specially designed coffee pots you can use on a campfire are great to have first thing in the morning while camping in a primitive manner. Campfire coffee pots are easy to use and can be found anywhere you purchase other camping supplies. Remember to pack along cream and sugar packets for making the perfect cup of coffee while enjoying the morning in the great outdoors.

For The Kids

When camping with kids, making sure you have plenty of easy to snacks is a must. Choose healthy foods like trail mix and juice boxes that are easy to store with the need for ice. Pack paper plates, plastic cutlery, plastic cups and plenty of paper towels or napkins for making any outdoor meal more sanitary and easy to dispose of during cleanup. Keep in mind as well when choosing the best camping supplies for camping about the best and most germ free methods for clean up after dinner is finished. Taking along bottled water is a good idea for not only drinking, but also for cleaning faces and hands of little ones. Wet wipes are also a must for cleaning up after outdoor dining for everyone in the family.

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